I’ll take my coffee standing up.

Like the Italians—and the seasoned or well-read tourists—in Italy, I’ve found it’s simply more economical.

This morning, after everyone had had breakfast and was dressed, I made myself a cup of decaf coffee in the Keurig—nothing fancy, although there was a bit of heavy cream left to use instead of half and half. Hoping full tummies would help the kids stay occupied for a while without me, I sat down on the couch, coffee in hand, and opened my breviary to the morning prayers for today. I made it a few sips of hot coffee and one psalm in before being interrupted…

Advent Self-Care

This afternoon, my kids are snuggled up in their beds, with their daddy home to keep them safe, while I am in a random chair at the closest local coffee shop we’ve found, sipping water. (I finished my chai latte 15 minutes ago.) The playlist here is a combination of Christmas music and the Eagles. I’m working on a homemade gift for my sister. I finished a podcast episode a few minutes ago. I can hear tidbits of conversation from the other coffee drinkers and the baristas. The windows are oriented just right, here, for plenty of non-direct sunlight…

Putting Down Roots

One night last week, I was able to pawn off some of those brownies I made last Monday, in all their calorific glory, on the women in a group I’m in at my church.

Thank goodness for community!

In addition to the brownies, I was able to share some news with these women, and they immediately prayed for me, gave me hugs, and somehow made me feel like I have family right here in Arlington, where I’m physically hundreds of miles from my actual family.

It feels like a fluke to have found community this fast. We’ve been here less than…

A Little Lit in My Life

I finished reading two seemingly unrelated things within the past few days, both of which have led me to the same conclusion: I deserve time in my days for leisure reading, and it is worth it for me to make time for it.

Justin has been out of town for new job training Mon-Fri the last 3.5 weeks (I can’t wait for you, Saturday!!), which means my sweet kids have had no choice but to make all their demands of ME. As an introvert, I usually look forward to those 30 min after Justin gets home from work…

What’s a Homemaker?

When I was pregnant with my first baby, my husband set up a prenatal massage for me as a birthday gift. In the lobby before the massage, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire about my pains and stresses, so that my massage therapist could best help me relax. On the line for “occupation,” I wrote, “homemaker.”

A gal probably a little younger than I went over the sheet of paper with me when I finished. She double checked my answers related to the prenatal nature of my massage, for safety, and then she asked, “What’s a homemaker?”